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​In many cultures across the globe, Girls are denied the basics that boys enjoy, and sometimes end up as very disadvantaged in society.


At every opportunity, before 50 people or 5000 people, in Europe or in Africa and across the Americas, we speak loud, clear but gently, on behalf of millions of girls who simply cant speak for themselves.



VIDEO Paris - France

VIDEO New York - USA

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As firm believers in Education, it truly opens doors. But because education is much more than a classroom activity and in todays digital economy, we teach a basic film making class to unemployed young women, out of school older girls, and sometimes, indigent kids.

The girls are then encouraged to form small cooperatives, by hiring out their services within their local communities.

VIDEO Windhoek - Namibia

VIDEO Lagos - Nigeria

Zuriel Presents 2015 DUSUSU Award    to
Award to Senegal First Lady Mariame   Fa


We recognized that apart from Presidents and Prime Ministers on the African continent, there were powerful but sometimes less visible women, able to  make meaningful changes in a girl's life.

Our annual DUSUSU Awards recognizes, since 2014, the measurable works and efforts of First Ladies and Gender Ministers, in the area of girls education, gender development, and fighting girl and child marriage. The first ladies of Tanzania [2014] Kenya [2015], Namibia [2016], Senegal [2017], Mozambique [2018] and Cabo Verde [2019] have all received this Award.

VIDEO Maputo - Mozambique

VIDEO Dakar - Senegal

Zuriel Oduwole Meets President  Abdel Fa
Zuriel Oduwole Speaks with Nigerias  Pre


Question: How can one succeed in what they do not believe exists?.


I simply show myself as an example to the world, what an educated girl can do today or at any age, even at 9 years old, when my journey began.


By speaking on the world stage [UN, UNICEF, COP] and personally to world leaders [31 so far], it becomes easier for girls to see themselves doing much more, than this. "You can't touch, what you cant see".


VIDEO Cairo - Egypt

VIDEO Bonn - Germany

VIDEO Nairobi - Kenya

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