We try at every opportunity.


Whether its giving financial support to a new co-operative of budding film makers in rural Namibia, or to a charity funded school in Chorkor - the poor fishing community in Ghana, to an orphanage in Malawi raising girls orphaned from AIDS, or the Makoko slums in Lagos Nigeria, we give our little.


We try to make a small difference, with our little.

Our visit to countries is never quite complete, without meeting with the Presidents or Prime Ministers who lead. 


We share our simple ideas of getting more girls into school, and we listen to the challenges these countries face. From Ghana to Nigeria, Egypt and Kenya, we learn first hand from the Presidents what challenges they face, and we build partnerships every year.

When school girls in Jamaica asked why was no one fighting for them the way we did on the African continent, we listened.

Spanish town was the first stop, in our session in that Caribbean country, sharing one-on-one what dreaming can look like, if the right support is in place by all stakeholders.




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