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One of the biggest hurdles to success is the lack of belief in the existence of certain possibilities. However, history has shown us numerous examples of individuals who have achieved great things even when faced with disbelief or skepticism.

In the case of our co-founder Zuriel Oduwole, as a nine-year-old girl, when she embarked on her journey towards education and empowerment, it was not just about proving a point, but about inspiring others. By showcasing her own accomplishments and breaking barriers, she became a living testament to what can be achieved, even in the face of doubt.

By actively participating in global platforms such as the United Nations, UNESCO, and COP, we not only amplify the voices of others, but also solidify the notion that opportunities and success exist for everyone, including girls. It is through these engagements that I demonstrate what an educated girl can accomplish, opening doors for others to follow suit.

Moreover, by personally engaging with world leaders, we aim to dismantle preconceived notions and challenge the status quo. As each leader experiences firsthand the capabilities and potential of a young girl, their beliefs and perceptions begin to shift. Through our interactions, we emphasize that success knows no age or gender limitations.

The phrase "You can't touch what you can't see" encapsulates the idea that belief is a crucial catalyst for success. Through our work, we provide tangible proof of what can be accomplished. Young girls who may have otherwise believed in societal limitations can now envisage a future filled with limitless potential.

Success in something one does not initially believe exists can be achieved by becoming a living example. By breaking barriers, participating in global platforms, engaging with world leaders, and showcasing personal achievements, the belief in the existence of success can be gradually established. This newly established belief becomes a source of inspiration, motivating others to strive for greatness and ultimately transforming doubt into accomplishment.

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Zuriel Talking To Secretary of  State John Kerry
Zuriel Speaks with President Filipe Nyusi of Mozambiqe in Maputo
President Erik Masisi Meets Zuriel Oduwole in Gaborone (2)
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