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May 25, 2019

DUSUSU co-founder Zuriel Oduwole recently visited schools in Jamaica to share the significance of staying in school and completing their education. She also emphasized the importance of nurturing dreams and thinking beyond boundaries.

DUSUSU Foundation co-founder Zuriel Oduwole, was in Jamaica to speak with young girls in schools about the importance of completing their education and nurturing big dreams. The interactive sessions were filled with enthusiasm, leaving a lasting impact on the participants, while fostering a sense of positivity and empowerment among the girls.

The DUSUSU Foundation, known for its relentless efforts in promoting educational opportunities and empowering young women globally, has taken yet another step towards transforming lives. Recognizing the importance of education and its ability to unleash untapped potential, co-founder Zuriel decided to embark on a mission to inspire young girls in schools across Jamaica.

Speaking to students in Kingston and Spanish Town, Zuriel engaged in insightful and engaging discussions with the girls, emphasizing the importance of staying in school and finishing their education. Recognizing that education opens doors to a brighter future, Zuriel highlighted the vast opportunities and positive changes that arise from acquiring knowledge and skills.

Moreover, Zuriel passionately shared the significance of having dreams and dreaming big. Drawing from her own experiences as a successful entrepreneur and advocate, she shared personal stories and challenges that she had overcome, encouraging the girls to believe in themselves and their potential. By instilling the seeds of ambition and self-belief in their impressionable minds, Zuriel aimed to inspire the girls to aspire for greatness and reach their fullest potential.

The sessions were designed to be fun and interactive, ensuring that the girls would not only gain valuable insights but also thoroughly enjoy the experience. Through engaging activities, group discussions, and shared laughter, Zuriel created an environment that encouraged open dialogue, nurtured self-confidence, and promoted self-expression.

Zuriel's presence left an indelible mark on the girls, who were inspired to shatter stereotypes, overcome obstacles, and pursue their dreams fearlessly. The visit not only instilled a renewed sense of motivation among the students, but also further strengthened the DUSUSU Foundation's commitment to empowering girls worldwide.

Reflecting on her experience, Zuriel shared, "It was truly humbling to witness the passion and potential within these amazing young girls. By spreading awareness about the importance of education and the power of dreams, we can equip them with the tools to create a better future for themselves and their communities."

The DUSUSU Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to transforming lives by providing educational opportunities, mentorship, and empowerment to young women around the world.

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