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Sep 24, 2020

DUSUSU Foundation Co-founder Zuriel Oduwole Invited to Lead Her Voice and Experiences at CEO Round Table Event during UNGA Week

DUSUSU Foundation, a leading organization dedicated to empowering and educating young girls across Africa, is proud to announce that its co-founder, Zuriel Oduwole, has been invited to participate in a virtual CEO round table event titled "Women's Leadership in Africa: From Stereotypes to Solutions." This esteemed event will take place during the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) week.

The CEO round table event sought to highlight the importance of women in leadership positions, particularly in Africa, where gender equality remains a pressing issue. By providing a stage for accomplished women leaders to share their personal experiences and insights, this event aims to identify innovative solutions to overcome existing stereotypes and foster an inclusive environment that empowers women throughout the continent.

Ms. Oduwole emphasized the role of quality education in fostering women's leadership and encouraged fellow participants and attendees to collaborate, inspiring collective solutions that address gender disparities and propel women into positions of power and influence. Her eloquence and passion resonated profoundly with the audience, inspiring thought-provoking conversations among esteemed CEOs, activists, and policymakers.

"I am truly honored to be invited as a speaker to this virtual CEO round table event during the historically significant 75th anniversary of the United Nations General Assembly," said Zuriel Oduwole. "Women's leadership is essential for global progress, and I am eager to share my experiences and ideas with such an esteemed group of individuals. Together, we can break stereotypes and work towards sustainable solutions that promote gender equality and empower women across the globe."

DUSUSU Foundation, co-founded by Zuriel Oduwole and her team, has been at the forefront of providing educational opportunities, mentorship, and capacity-building programs for young girls in Africa. The foundation's initiatives have positively impacted thousands of lives, enabling young girls to transcend social and economic barriers and become future leaders.

The virtual CEO round table event represents a pivotal opportunity to foster meaningful dialogue, exchange innovative ideas, and lay the foundation for transformative change. By harnessing the collective wisdom and experiences of influential leaders, the participants aim to drive inclusive policies that empower women and promote gender equality across all sectors in Africa.

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