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Feb 20, 2021

DUSUSU Foundation Co-founder Zuriel Oduwole Honored Among 28 Americans for Black History Month in Beverly Hills

The DUSUSU Foundation is delighted to announce that its co-founder, Zuriel Oduwole, has been acknowledged as one of the 28 remarkable Americans honored during Black History Month in Beverly Hills.

The prestigious recognition highlights Zuriel Oduwole's exceptional achievements and relentless commitment to breaking barriers and inspiring future generations. As a young visionary, Zuriel has been working tirelessly to address education gaps and promote gender equality, particularly within vulnerable communities in various parts of the world.

The Black History Month celebration in Beverly Hills, known for its glamorous atmosphere, gathered influential personalities, community leaders, and change-makers to honor the legacy and contributions of African Americans. Zuriel Oduwole stood out among the distinguished group of 28 accomplished individuals, representing excellence and progress for her age group and the wider community.

Since co-founding the DUSUSU Foundation, Zuriel has played a pivotal role in designing and implementing education programs tailored to empower underprivileged children across Africa, the Americas, and beyond. From her policy advocacy work to supporting innovative educational projects, Zuriel has dedicated her energy to breaking down the barriers that hinder access to education and imparting skills vital for a brighter future.

Zuriel Oduwole's recognition during Black History Month in Beverly Hills has further underscored her accomplishments as a global advocate for quality education, youth empowerment, and gender equality. By amplifying her voice, she emphasizes the significance of inclusive education, social change, and the transformative power of youth-driven initiatives.

The DUSUSU Foundation applauds Zuriel Oduwole's remarkable achievement and acknowledges that her inspiring journey will continue to serve as a beacon for young leaders worldwide. With her tireless efforts and innovative spirit, Zuriel epitomizes the DUSUSU Foundation's vision of shaping a world where education becomes a fundamental right for every child.

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