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Nov 10, 2022

DUSUSU Foundation Co-founder Zuriel Oduwole Extends Boundaries Discussing Youth's Influence on Global Challenges at Misk Global Forum in Saudi Arabia

DUSUSU Foundation, an esteemed youth-oriented organization, is proud to announce that its co-founder, Zuriel Oduwole, was cordially invited by Prince Mohammed bin Salman's Foundation to present her unique insights and ideas on how the youth hold the key to the world's most pressing challenges. She participated as a featured speaker at the highly anticipated Misk Global Forum, where she contributed to the conversation on empowering youth to make a difference.

The Misk Global Forum, renowned for its commitment to empowering young talents and encouraging innovative ideas, welcomed Zuriel Oduwole as an exceptional voice for the youth. As a passionate advocate for education and gender equality, she captivated the audience with her insights during the event.

During her appearance, Zuriel shared her visionary ideas on how today's young generation truly holds the key to overcoming global issues. With an unwavering belief in the boundless potential of young people, she proclaimed that they are the answer to the world's major challenges, including poverty, climate change, and inequality.

Drawing from her personal experiences and accomplishments, she inspired the audience by highlighting the transformative power of education and urging everyone to invest in the future of young minds. Zuriel's presence at the Misk Global Forum perfectly aligned with the event's theme, which centered around creating a more sustainable and inclusive future. In addition to Zuriel's remarkable speech, she actively engaged with fellow attendees, sharing her ideas, collaborating on innovative initiatives, and formulating potential solutions to the world's challenges.

Positive reactions quickly followed Zuriel's impactful speech, as she left an indelible impression on the audience, inspiring countless minds young and old. Her influential presence at the Misk Global Forum showcased the potential of the youth, encouraging others to believe in the power of young voices.

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