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Apr 9, 2022

DUSUSU Foundation Co-founder Zuriel Oduwole Explores the Importance of Perspective and Introduces Alternative Education at TEDx Berkeley

DUSUSU Foundation announces that their co-founder, Zuriel Oduwole, was recently invited to speak at the prestigious TEDx Berkeley event. During her captivating presentation, she shed light on the significance of perspective and how it shapes our world. Additionally, she introduced the concept of alternative education, addressing the global issue of out-of-school children.

Zuriel's powerful speech emphasized that millions of children worldwide lack access to any form of education due to various reasons. Even in cases where schools do exist, they are often in poor condition or children have to undertake lengthy daily journeys to reach them. Merely focusing on the number of out-of-school children, which has soared to an alarming 250 million, is insufficient to address the global educational crisis.

To combat this problem, a shift in perspective is necessary. Rather than categorizing these children as "out-of-school," the focus should be shifted to "not educated." By altering the metrics by which we gauge children's development, we create space for alternative education methods to be embraced. Programs such as film making, entrepreneurship, or coding can empower children with practical and usable skills, significantly reducing the seemingly insurmountable number of out-of-school children worldwide.

Moreover, alternative education not only ensures that older out-of-school children receive valuable skills sooner, but it also helps to mitigate the rising number of unemployed youths. By equipping these individuals with marketable skills, we can break the cycle of poverty and create a brighter future for generations to come.

Zuriel Oduwole's Tedx presentation serves as a rallying call for governments, organizations, and individuals to come together and forge a new path for global education. She urges stakeholders to prioritize alternative education, recognizing its potential to transform lives and uplift communities.

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