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Jan 8, 2020

DUSUSU Foundation Co-Founder, Zuriel Oduwole, honored with invitation by First Lady Fatima Bio to celebrate the first anniversary of the "Hands of Our Girls" initiative in Sierra Leone.

The DUSUSU Foundation is delighted to announce that its co-founder, Zuriel, has been invited to Sierra Leone by the esteemed First Lady, Fatima Bio, to commemorate the first anniversary of the groundbreaking "Hands of Our Girls" initiative. This esteemed invitation serves as testimony to Zuriel's unparalleled commitment to empowering girls through education and her notable contributions to society.

The "Hands of Our Girls" initiative, championed by First Lady Fatima Bio, has emerged as a beacon of hope for young women across Sierra Leone. Its primary aim is to create a safe and supportive environment to nurture female talent, ensuring that girls can rise up to reach their full potential. Recognizing Zuriel's tireless efforts in advocating for women's education, empowerment, and the pursuit of dreams, the First Lady extended a personal invitation for her to address an audience of 20,000 young girls in the prestigious national stadium.

Zuriel's speech resonated with the eager hearts of the young audience as she passionately underlined the significance of education and dreams. Drawing from her own experiences of overcoming obstacles and striving for success, Zuriel empowered the girls to chase their dreams fearlessly, educating them about the power of knowledge and its ability to transform lives. Her inspiring words struck a chord, infusing the stadium with an air of hope and ambition.

Speaking about the impactful visit, Zuriel stated, "I am truly honored to have been invited by First Lady Fatima Bio and grateful for the opportunity to ignite the minds of these incredible girls. Education is the key that unlocks the doors to endless possibilities, and I am confident that together, with initiatives like 'Hands of Our Girls,' we can pave the way for a brighter, more equitable future."

As Zuriel continues to make strides in her mission to break barriers and uplift communities, the DUSUSU Foundation remains steadfast in its efforts to instigate lasting change and serve as an inspiration to girls around the world.

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