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Feb 21, 2020

DUSUSU Foundation Joins Forces with Femcare Company to Provide Free Supplies, Empowering Girls in South Africa

DUSUSU Foundation, a leading non-profit organization focused on improving education opportunities for girls, is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership with a local femcare manufacturer. This partnership aims to break down the barriers that prevent girls from attending school by providing free supplies to girls in three townships across Alexandra, Soweto, and Johannesburg.

Recognizing the numerous obstacles hindering girls' education in South Africa, including the lack of affordable sanitary products, the DUSUSU Foundation has joined forces with a renowned local femcare manufacturer. The partnership brings together their shared vision of empowering girls with the essential tools needed to pursue their education with confidence.

The initiative addressed the critical needs of girls within these marginalized communities. By delivering free femcare supplies, such as sanitary pads and related hygiene products, to girls in these townships, the DUSUSU Foundation is removing a significant obstacle that hinders the education and personal development of young girls.

Girls in low-income communities are often forced to miss school during their menstruation due to limited access to sanitary products and the ensuing embarrassment and stigma. This absence from school perpetuates a cycle of missed education opportunities and potential drop-outs, diminishing their prospects for a better future.

The joint partnership between DUSUSU Foundation and the local femcare manufacturer aims to shatter this cycle by ensuring girls have reliable and hygienic access to essential supplies. By collaborating with local schools, community organizations, and medical facilities, the initiative reached a broad spectrum of girls across the townships of Alexandra, Soweto, and Johannesburg.

The DUSUSU Foundation and the femcare company firmly believe that education is a universal right that should not be compromised due to gender or socio-economic status. Through this partnership, they are committed to empowering girls, cultivating stronger communities, and contributing to the overall development of South Africa.

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