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May 21, 2019

Hon. Olivia Grange, the remarkable force behind the transformative initiatives in girls' education, gender development, and tackling teenage pregnancy Jamaica, has emerged as the illustrious recipient of the 2019 DUSUSU Award in the esteemed Gender Minister Category.

The DUSUSU Award Committee takes great pride in announcing that the esteemed Hon. Olivia Grange, Gender Minister of Jamaica, has been honored with the 2019 DUSUSU Award in the Gender Minister Category. Hon. Grange's remarkable contributions toward girls' education and gender development, and her relentless efforts to combat teenage pregnancy have earned her this notable recognition.

The DUSUSU Award, renowned for honoring individuals and organizations who have exhibited exceptional dedication and commitment to social development and advancement, was inaugurated in 2014. As the first person hailing from outside the African continent to receive this coveted award, Hon. Grange has carved a legacy that transcends borders and underscores her influential global leadership in gender affairs.

Hon. Olivia Grange has long championed the cause of education for girls, gender equality, and women's empowerment, consistently driving significant change within her jurisdiction. Her unwavering commitment and tireless efforts have led to the establishment of various groundbreaking initiatives aimed at uplifting the status of women and girls in Jamaican society.

Through her exemplary leadership, Minister Grange has successfully implemented programs that ensure equitable access to education for girls while nurturing an enabling environment for their holistic development. By prioritizing the elimination of gender-based discrimination, she has empowered countless young women to reach their full potential, challenging societal stereotypes and breaking down barriers along the way.

Moreover, Hon. Grange has dedicated herself to minimizing rates of teenage pregnancy, recognizing the immense impact it can have on overall societal progress. Through her tireless advocacy and strategic collaborations, she has curated innovative measures that address the root causes of this issue, fostering a sense of responsibility and promoting reproductive health education among young people.

The selection committee was deeply impressed by Hon. Olivia Grange's visionary leadership, policy acumen, and remarkable achievements in advancing the rights and opportunities of women and girls in Jamaica. Her firm commitment to fostering an inclusive society built on equal opportunities and respect for all has set an unparalleled precedent within the global arena.

The DUSUSU Award for the Gender Minister Category symbolizes excellence and honors extraordinary individuals who have made significant strides in advancing gender equality. Hon. Grange's accomplishments demonstrate the profound impact that dedicated leadership can have on transforming communities and empowering future generations.

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